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Online Math Tutoring for Students

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Algebra 1

Algebra 2


GED and Career Promotion

Adults seeking a High School Equivalency Diploma or need to refresh math skills in achieving a career goal.

About Mr. J

My parents were instrumental in my life. My father led by example via his work ethic. My mother, a former teacher, instilled a hands-on approach to learning. Mom made sure my homework was done every night. It made PTA meetings less stressful for everyone. As a child. I developed a healthy habit of responsibility and accountability.

Later, I had an encounter with one of my mother's former students. That student, all grown up, praised Mom as an effective teacher. That long lasting memory drove me to make an impact in student's lives.

I enjoy working alongside with parents who care about their children succeeding in school. I help students develop study skills allowing them to excel in academic and standardized tests. I seek to work with your family as to why and how you are having difficulties. Working as a team we all win.


Juste Tutoring


He has enjoyed working with you, Mr J. Thank you. His teacher wrote me yesterday and said he is much more confident in class. That is great news.

Elisa B.


I think at the core of it, he just needs a lot more practice with the concepts so he gets very familiar and fluent with it all. He was very disappointed in himself.  He did not want me to let you know because he did not want to disappoint you, and he feels like he has learned so much.  I did let him know I was going to let you know as it is important for you to know how he did so that you can keep working with him most productively. 


Elisa B.

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