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  • How do we get started?
    We start with a free consultation call to discuss the student's academic needs. Every student is different. Typically, I meet with students once or twice per week. I recommend one-and-a-half hours per session for the most effective results. Before we begin our sessions, the student is recommended to provide past classwork, homework and notes. They portray a road map in understanding the student's issues. In other words, to achieve one's goals one has to know where they currently are to improve.
  • Why the recommended one-and-a-half hours per session?
    Very simple. One-hour sessions can be too short. At least, one-and-a-half hours is sufficient enough. That's enough time to review supplemental work the student provides or I've given the student. Any questions with homework or prior work would be covered in the beginning. The hour remaining would work through new material, possibly giving students new problems and opportunities.
  • How does online tutoring work? Effective as in-person sessions?
    We work with our students via Schoolified, signing up is free. Our online tutoring has the added advantages of technology combined with in-person "human touch". Upon signing up for classes, the client will receive one link for all of them and every class will be registered in the students' schedule. Online tutoring sessions are equivalent if not better than in-person sessions. Schoolified, the video/audio system that I utilize, offers an extremely reliable platform that allows the student and myself to complete the session just as if it were in-person. Using shared screen capabilities and my online writing pen/tablet, concepts can be conveyed to the student with ease.
  • What happens after I make a payment?
    You will receive a receipt for your payment via the email you provide at checkout. We will then contact you in order to acquire any additional information that will expedite the upcoming sessions.
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