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Due to underfunded schools, some kids need more help than others. Parents feel hopeless in search of solutions. Tutoring helps kids learn. Distance mathematics learning for 1:1 (focused attention) and group based sessions (decreased economic costs and more team-oriented) are essential for student development.

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Core Segments

  • address student grades and achieving goals

  • students tutored and retained

  • parent satisfaction

  • capability statement

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Teaming Opportunities

  • Our flat organizational structure enables handling issues expeditiously.

  • Establishing a strong team reduces administrative, better performance, cost and delivery for acquired services

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Company Data

  • Tovric Tutoring (DBA)


  • CAGE: 9NMK7   DUNS: 119037387

  • NAICS: 611691, 611710, 611799

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To Be Determined

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(888) 362-7427

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